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Terms of Service

Welcome to the www.ktgif.com .  Please read these terms and conditions carefully. The following terms of use govern your use and access to the Platform. and service  

by accessing the platform and/or use the service You agree to be bound by Terms of use of this service  If you do not agree with These Terms of Use  Do not access and/or use this Platform or the Services.

Accessing and using code-protected and/or secured portions of the Platform and/or the use of the Services is limited to customers with user accounts only. You may not access or attempt to access any such portion of the Platform. and/or services or any other protected data without permission through any means that we do not intend to make available for your particular use; Violation of this provision may be an offense under the Computer-Related Crime Act 2007 of Thailand.

If you are under 18 years old  : You must have the consent of your parent or legal guardian. Your acceptance of these Terms of Use and their agreement to be liable for: (1) your actions; (2) any charges related to the use of any services. or your purchase of goods; and (3) your acceptance and compliance with these terms of use. If you do not have the consent of your parents or your legal guardian You must stop using/accessing. Platform and use of the service 

Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Definition  and Interpretation

unless otherwise specified Defined definitions and provisions of interpretation The terms and conditions of sale herein apply.

2. Ordering

2.1 Conditions you must comply with: You agree to abide by the Code of Conduct, Orders, Rules of Conduct. and policies and instructions regarding the purchase of goods through the Platform. including any amendments to the foregoing issued by  www.ktgif.com   (on behalf of Seller, From time to time,   www.ktgif.com reserves the right to update these guidelines, directives, operating regulations. and such policies and instructions at any time and you are deemed to be aware of and bound by such changes once they are published on the Platform.

2.2 Product Description : Although Seller makes every effort to provide accurate description of the Goods,   www.ktgif.com and Seller does not warrant that such description is accurate, current or error-free in any event. The product you receive is significantly different from the description on the Platform. that you have ordered The contents of clause 6 of these Terms & Conditions of Sale shall apply.

2.3 Seller: The Goods are sold by the  “ Seller ”.  Although  www.ktgif.com may be the “ Seller ” of some Goods, “ Seller ”  may also mean any person other than  www.ktgif.com  (to which any such person means  “ Seller ”). vendors are third parties , ”  according to the text of the terms and conditions of this trading) whether the product will be listed for sale on the platform by  www.ktgif.com or the name of the seller or a third party. Goods sold to you by Seller are subject to a specific contract with each customer. (more details are in section 2.6) as follows:

2.3.1 for Products sold by Third Party Vendors. It is a contract entered into directly and only between a third party seller and you.

2.3.2 For Products sold,  www.ktgif.com is a contract entered into directly and exclusively between  www.ktgif.com and you.

2.4 The order of: You may send your order by filling out the form orders on the platform completely and click  ” Submit my order ”  , the seller will not accept orders sent by. any other method You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the order.

2.5 Orders are irrevocable and unconditional: All Orders will be deemed to be irrevocable and unconditional upon submission of such Orders through the Platform. and the seller has the right (but not obliged) to process such orders without your further consent. and without further reference or notice to you. However, in the circumstances described in Section 8, you may request cancellation or amendment of the Order. Seller will use its endeavors to fulfill the request on the principle of reasonable commercial effort. However, Seller is under no obligation to process any request for cancellation or amendment of any Order.

2.6 Seller’s Disclaimer Regarding Orders: Seller has sole discretion to accept all Orders and each Order accepted by Seller shall be deemed a separate contract. (Such Accepted Orders are referred to as  “ Customer Contracts ” ). unless you receive a response to your order from the seller. Seller will not be considered a party to any legally binding contract between Seller and you in any sale or other agreement with respect to the Products. and hence The seller is therefore not liable for any loss that may be incurred as a result of such incidents. Seller reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to process or accept any Order received from and through the Platform.

2.7 Termination by Seller in the event of pricing error: Seller reserves the right to terminate the Customer Contract. In the event that the product price is set incorrectly on the platform In which event  www.ktgif.com,  on behalf of Seller, will notify you of such cancellation by giving three days’ notice. The seller has the right to cancel the contract with the customer in such cases whether the goods are sent out or in transit. and whether or not you have been asked to make payment.

2.8 Product Warranty: The warranties relating to the Product ( “ Product Warranty ” ) sold under the Customer Contract are as stated by Seller through the Platform under the “ Specifications ”  tab  in the “ Type ” field.  Warranty ”  and  “ Warranty period ” for related products and will be subject to restrictions in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof, provided that the seller is not bound Warranty and Warranty Conditions REMEDIES FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY OR CONDITIONS or other breaches of the terms specified in the product warranty shall be in lieu of the condition ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, whether in accordance with the requirements of the law or otherwise unless expressly provided for in the warranty for such products. (unless expressly prohibited by applicable law in that case) in the terms, warranties and conditions of warranty. any other matters, express or implied, in relation to the goods delivered.

2.9 Customer Acknowledgment: You acknowledge and represent that you are not based on any condition, term, warranty, promise, solicitation or representation made by or on behalf of Seller but not expressly stated. Inform the contract with the customer or relies on any description or representation or specification contained in any document, such as a catalog or publicly available material, made by  www.ktgif.com or its vendor. Warranty Liability exception and the exclusion of remedies in these Terms and Conditions in sales and customer contracts. It is the distribution of risks between the parties. by allowing the seller to supply the goods at a cost or at a lower price than the seller may be able to and you agree that such exclusion of liability is appropriate.

2.10 makes no representations, representations or warranties: without prejudice to the effect of clause 2.9 above:

2.10.1 No conditions will be imposed or deemed to have been imposed. or any warranties or deemed to be warranted as to the lifespan or durability of the goods delivered or that the goods will be suitable for a particular purpose or use under specific conditions. irrespective of whether the seller may have known or subsequently been made aware of such purposes or conditions.

2.10.2 The Seller is solely obligated to deliver the Goods in accordance with the general descriptions used for the sale of such Products. Whether or not any special or specific details have been provided, or whether such details have been deemed to have been provided by law. For that matter only, neither  www.ktgif.com nor the seller make any warranties as to the quality, status, condition or suitability of the merchandise.

2.10.3 www.ktgif.com shall not be liable for any of the measures and actions to be said herein by customers or third parties. and the consequences thereof: improper remedy for the defect Product changes without prior agreement from  www.ktgif.com  , additions or parts Especially the spare parts that are not from  www.ktgif.com.

2.10.4 Seller shall not be liable for any defect resulting from improper or improper use. defective installation or testing for use by customers or third parties deterioration from normal use intentional damage negligence abnormal working conditions Defective or negligent movement incorrect maintenance overwork Working materials and spare parts are not suitable. bad use Inappropriate base placement chemical effects Electrical, technical/electronic or electrical, the customer or a third party has not followed www.ktgif.com ‘s instructions    (whether oral or written). or changing or repairing the product without www.ktgif.com‘s approval. 

2.10.5 Seller is not liable for any Losses suffered by any third party directly or indirectly. arising from repairs or remedial work Any actions taken without www.ktgif.com‘s  prior written  approval and the Customer shall indemnify Seller against all Losses arising out of such claims.

2.10.6 Seller shall not be liable under any such warranty. and

2.10.7 Seller shall not be liable whatsoever in respect of any defect in the Products arising after the expiration of the applicable warranty for the Products (if any).

2.11 Intellectual Property:

2.11.1 Unless the prior written consent of www.ktgif.com has been  obtained,  Customer may not remove or alter any trade marks, logos, copyright notices, serial numbers, labels, tags or other identifying marks, symbols or legends affixed to any Products.

2.11.2 When software applications, drivers or other computer programs and/or design details are provided Technical manuals or manuals, drawings or any other information (collectively, the “Product Data Sheet ” ) to the Customer by the Order Vendor. Use and storage of the Product Data Sheet is subject to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement (such as End User License, Restrictions or Terms of Use) as may be determined by Seller. or the seller’s licensor and must not be used in strict accordance with these terms and conditions

2.11.3 The Customer agrees and acknowledges that The Product Datasheet will remain the property of the Seller or its licensors. The customer also agrees that any intellectual property